Envio cleaner SC-880
"SC-880 Envio cleaner" is the activity of new developments in cheap replica Urwerk organic solvents. Suitable cleaning processes above, for all kinds of Rosin (Resin and Rosin) additive, SC-880 effectively cleaning stubborn Rosin residues. Formula does not contain any halogens (Halogen Free) and CFC. Unique activity of natural organic matter, circuit backplane no replica Zenith watches residue left after the cleaning, does not need to return to wash! You could greatly reduce the cost and equipment maintenance in the cleaning process.
  • * Suitable for any cleaning machines, such as: ultra-sonic bath, hot spray or cold cleaning, etc.;
  • * Remove SMT flux residue: solvating power far better than IPA and less irritating as well;
  • * Remove excess cored solder wire residue;
  • * Replacement solvent for HCFC-141b, TCE-111, TCE, IPA cleaning solvents, which are widely being used in ultra-sonic bath cleaning process;
  • * Remove RA type flux residue;
  • * Suitable for cleaning of any kinds of electronic parts. dreampanerai.com