Tamura chemical materials
In 1956, this company developed the “SOLDERITE” a soldering flux with aperfectly noncorrosive property to be ‘Pepsi-Cola’ used for soldering of electronic equipments sale The electronics industry showed rapid advancement with semiconductor technology. In recent years, related technologies such as QFP, BGA, and FC have become more and more sophisticated.
Coping with this tendency of technology, TAMURA has developed a large number of chemical materials for electronic equipments, automatic soldering machine, Reflow Soldering machine and other application equipments one after another for the purpose of satisfying the increasing and constant innovation needs of the electronics industry with “Materials + Equipments” systems.
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    The scope of our products and services at present covers a very large area including soldering materials, various types of chemical materials used for printed circuit boards and such application equipments as automatic soldering machine, reflow soldering system. We are firmly convinced that some of our products will useful for your needs. Additionally, we make best efforts to expand the oversea production and sales network and to develop our high quality services overseas so as to meet with the oversea shift of electronics industry. So, we are presenting you this small pamphlet which contains all TAMURA products relating to electron chemical materials together with manpower-saving application equipments. We ask you to read this pamphlet so you may utilize TAMURA’S Technology and services in your business. JIS standards pdf